Autism Spectrum Disorder Lancaster

Autism Spectrum Disorder Lancaster
Autism Spectrum Disorder Lancaster

Autism Spectrum Disorder Lancaster : Autism is a neurological development disorder that occurs in early childhood which leads to defective verbal and non-verbal communication. Such children may refrain from social interaction. They may also have difficulties in expressing themselves. The symptoms can be observed in first three years of age. There are 2 persons behind 10,000 people who are affected with autism. The number of males affected with autism is 3 to 4 times more than females.

Not two children show exactly same signs of autism. So there is range described for autism also called as Autism Spectrum Disorder Lancaster (ASD) which categorizes the same. Let us see some major spectra below.

The first one in spectrum is called Autism. Here child fails to interact effectively with the people, lack in developing relationships, sharing thoughts, empathizing with others etc. You can isolate an autistic person from others by the typical signs such as their stereotypic movements, restricted and repeated use of words while speaking. An autistic child may look like a normal child but its behavior is different in comparison with others. Persons affected with autism may not like the changes in their daily activities and are obsessed some activities. Autism may last with the person forever.

Another spectrum is Asperger’s syndrome, the name given after Hans Asperger, who described the distinctive behavioral patterns of children, in 1944. The typically observed characteristics in this syndrome are abnormal and delayed responses in the child. For example, the child may not respond immediately if you call by its name. One may need to call him/her several times. Some may also lack in language development skills. The child may carry some symptoms of autism also but are less severe than autism. The Asperger’s patients are usually diagnosed in the age between 5 to 9 years. The syndrome can be cured over period of time.

The third one in the list is Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) which carries some features specified in autism but some of them are severe and others are not. These people are very close to their parents. The child especially lacks in communication and social skills. The child has limited interests.

One more important category is Rett Syndrome found only in girls characterized by developmental disorders in using language and defect in using hands purposefully.

Even though autism patients behave differently, they show some great qualities. These people may have normal or very high I.Q. The cognitive skills may develop fast in such kids while lacking in language development skills. In fact, some skills they may learn faster than other children. The good thing about them is that they do not carry any lies most of the times but the problem is that they may trust on anybody around them.

There are no medicines, injections or pills available to cure autism. Some pills are available which help to decrease anxiety or depression but they are not curative measures. However, an autistic person can be helped providing different therapies, like speech therapy. Picture presentation, pointing towards the things can help such people to understand better. One may use sign language for better understanding. With the support of parents, doctors, therapists, teachers an autistic person can be live a normal life others.

Disclaimer: The article does not promote any treatment or therapy for autism. One should consult doctor before using any kind of pills. There is lot more information available than described above. The article contains only primary guidelines to help people to know about the syndrome.

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